This smart chilled mattress topper revealed at CES 2022 puts an end to sweaty nights

Chilisleep Dock Pro mattress topper on a bed
(Image credit: Chilisleep / Sleepme)

Ever struggle to sleep and wake in a sweaty mess? US company Sleepme could have the answer: a cooled mattress topper that not only keeps your bed the ideal temperature, but also tracks your biometrics overnight so you can see just how much it's improving your sleep.

The Chilisleep Dock Pro, which was unveiled at CES 2022, is like always having the cool side of the pillow. The principle is the same as a water-cooled PC – the breathable topper contains channels filled with water, which is cooled and circulated by a control unit that sits underneath your bed.

You can also program the topper to change temperature on a timer, and it can gradually warm you in the morning to simulate the effect of a sunrise and gently rouse you in the morning using the same principle as a wake-up light.

Sleepme Insight sleep tracking mat

The Dock Pro can be paired with the Sleepme Insight sleep tracker, which slips underneath your mattress (Image credit: Sleepme / Chilisleep)

Unlike previous models, the Dock Pro has a new mesh layer for better airflow, and no tubes inside to increase the cooling area. It's quieter too (a big advantage for light sleepers), at around 41-46 decibels. That's just a little louder than most air purifiers, and around the same as light rainfall.

Deeper sleep by subscription

Sleepme also used CES 2022 to launch its new Sleepme+ service, which allows you to pair the The Dock Pro with the Sleepme Insight – a sleep tracker that collects stats on sleep stages and duration. 

Like the Withings Sleep Analyzer, the Sleepme Insight is a slim mat that slips underneath your mattress where it can measure your heart rate, breathing rate, bed temperature, and more. When the two devices are used together, their machine learning algorithms can automatically change the temperature of your bed to extend deep and REM sleep.

We've seen a lot of new health subscription services over recent months (the third-generation Oura smart ring and Amazon Halo View fitness tracker both require a regular payment to unlock their full features), and Sleepme+ is another one competing for your attention.

Sleepme+ subscribers will get a Sleepme Insight free, and the company also promises personalized sleep training guides and resources. These will include tailored fitness strategies including fitness and meditation, all based on your personal sleep data, plus access to a community of other members.

Analysis: Yet another subscription service?

Overheating at night can be a real problem, and doesn't just happen if the temperature of your room is too high. It can also be due to illness, hormonal fluctuations, certain medications, or anxiety. If you often wake in a sweat then you should talk to your doctor, but if the reason is something benign then a smart bed chiller could be the perfect solution.

Whether sweaty sleepers will be willing to pay for yet another subscription service, however, is another matter. It'll need to offer a lot for unsettled sleepers to consider adding it to their monthly budget, or replacing their membership to Fitbit Premium or Apple Fitness Plus.

We don't yet have a price for Sleepme+ membership alone, but the Chilisleep Dock Pro system will be available to pre-order with a 12-month subscription for an early-bird price of $1,299 (about £960 / AU$1,800) in late March.

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