This Sky Mobile phone deal takes you higher: get a free return flight to Europe

sky mobile phone deals with free flights

Sky Mobile has today begun a soaring new deal that gets you a free return flight to Europe when you buy a new phone or tablet.

Thanks to a team-up with, Sky Mobile is dishing out a voucher with new purchases that lets you claim the flights. The only catch is that you'll need to buy your phone before July 5 and redeem the code by August 31. Then just book your trip before December 31 – but travel dates can be later if you want to start your travels then.

You can get a return flight to Europe on top of any phone or tablet on the Sky Mobile store. So you could go for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 with 1GB data, unlimited calls and texts for £38 per month. Or go for an iPhone X on the same data plan for £47 per month and that free European return flight. And that's just by way of two examples.

Fly with Sky...

This deal lets you pick from around 30 European destinations - including airports in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Greece - booked ten months in advance. Of course this is subject to availability so you might want to move quickly to have the best pick of the bunch.

If you want to take more people with you then you can add addition passengers for £89 per person. Any baggage fees are going to be on top of that, of course. So if this is sounding good, we'd recommend checking out the full T&Cs on the Sky Mobile website.

Use our comparison chart to narrow down the best Sky Mobile phone deal for you. Not seeing your dream mobile, then hit 'View all deals' to see more handsets.

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