This Samsung 4K TV is now just £599, but will probably sell out soon

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If you're after a new Samsung TV at a competitive price, we may have you covered. Currys is currently running a promotion on the Samsung TU8500 4K TV, an LCD model seeing a £150 discount on its 50-inch model, bringing down the cost to just £599.

If you're after some more screen real estate, too, the larger 55-inch model is now retailing for £699, after a price cut of £100.

The TU8500 is already proving to be one of Samsung's biggest sellers for 2020, as a mid-priced LCD model that offers a smart compromise between performance and expense. This isn't a QLED set – the term for Samsung's more premium 'quantum dot' models, which feature enhanced contrast and higher brightness, along with other higher-end technologies – but it's certainly a decent buy for an everyday TV.

You'll get 4K resolution and HDR, as is largely expected of pretty much any new smart TV these days – as well as broad smart assistant support for Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant. You'll find the dynamic HDR10+ format here, too, but not its Dolby Vision competitor.

Today's best Samsung 4K TV deals

Samsung TU8500 50-inch 4K TV | £749 £599 at Currys

Samsung TU8500 50-inch 4K TV | £749 £599 at Currys
The TU8500 is a a mid-range, mid-price Samsung TV with a hefty £150 discount right now. Expect HDR10+ and support for whatever your favored voice assistant might be.

Samsung TU8500 55-inch 4K TV | £799 £699 at Currys

Samsung TU8500 55-inch 4K TV | £799 £699 at Currys
If you can stretch another £100, the flagship 55-inch size is also seeing a discount at Currys, and will offer a larger picture for you at home.

The TU8500 is Samsung's flagship affordable LCD TV, being the highest specified set before you get into its QLED range – containing everything from the edge-lit Q60T or gaming-focused Q80T to the entry-level 8K Q800T or blowout Q950TS.

You're missing out on high-end technologies, then, such as ALLM (auto low latency mode) for gaming, or any HDMI 2.1 ports. You're also making use of a Crystal Processor 4K, rather than the Quantum Processor 4K used by most 4K QLEDs, or even the Quantum Processor Lite utilized by the Q60T – so don't expect the picture to be as breathtaking as other Samsung models. For the money, though, this is a smart time to buy an already competitively-priced 4K TV.

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