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This Fujifilm Instax printer is perfect for Nintendo Switch owners

Fujifilm Instax Mini
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Fujifilm has announced that it has partnered with Nintendo to develop a new app for its Instax Mini Link smartphone printer. Announced via Fujifilm’s news blog (opens in new tab), the app will allow Nintendo enthusiasts to transfer screenshots from their Nintendo Switch games to their smartphones, and can be edited with frames inspired by big Nintendo franchises.

The Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch app will launch on April 30, 2021 on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, the same day that New Pokémon Snap releases on the Nintendo Switch console.

As part of the collaboration, Fujifilm will sell a special edition Instax Mini Link with red and blue accents for $100 (around £80 / AU$169). A special edition bundle that contains the smartphone printer and a Pikachu-themed silicone case will also be made available for $120 (around £90 / AU$199). Both the printer and its Pokémon themed bundle also launch on April 30 worldwide.

Pokémon Snapped

The Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch app will feature themes and frames from three popular Nintendo franchises. Pokémon is one of these, as mentioned, but users will also find themes from Super Mario and Animal Crossing to customize their photos with.

The app interacts with your Nintendo Switch screenshots via a QR code. When the code has been scanned on your smartphone, it will upload the image to it, allowing you to then use the app to crop and customize the photo, and then print it using the Instax Mini Link via Bluetooth connectivity. 

Of course, the app can also be used to customize any image on your smartphone, rendering your selfies, memes and memorable moments in a cutesy Nintendo aesthetic. We’d love to see more Nintendo franchises added to the app down the line (it’s practically screaming for The Legend of Zelda themes) but the initial selection provides great options for kids, families and gamers alike.

Rhys Wood
Rhys Wood

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