These noise-cancelling headphones block out 99% of environmental sound

Image credit: Cleer Audio

San Diego headphones manufacturer Cleer Audio, is bringing its Flow Bluetooth Noise-Canceling headphones to the UK for the first time.

The company claims its noise-cancelling headphones can block out "nearly 99.5% of environmental noise," thanks to Cleer's hybrid noise cancellation technology.

The patented tech uses both an "ANC (active noise cancelation) chip and two microphones" to "suppress a broad range of noise frequencies, [and] correct errors".

There's also an Ambient Noise mode that allows that environmental sound to pass through the headphones – handy if you're crossing a busy street and need to be aware of the traffic around you.

If you haven't heard of Cleer before, that's because this is the first time the brand has brought its products to the UK. 

The new headphones will be available to buy in June 2019 (official date TBC) in black or silver for £249 – which is only £50 cheaper than our favorite noise-cancelling headphone model, the Sony WH-1000XM3s.

Image credit: Cleer Audio

Image credit: Cleer Audio

Patented audio tech

The wireless headphones are designed for listening on the move, coming with "up to 20 hours of battery life", and a folding design according to Cleer. 

The headphones support Bluetooth 4.2 – not the most advanced Bluetooth technology available, but the Flows should have decent connectivity all the same. 

In terms of audio quality, the noise-cancelling headphones should sound fantastic, with Cleer's patented 40mm Ironless drivers, which apparently provide "low distortion and high resolution no matter the volume level" you're listening at. 

Cleer's Ironless technology uses a set of stacked magnets to achieve an "even and symmetrical confinement of the magnetic flux within the driver." 

The company claims that, unlike the usual arrangement of "soft iron parts and a single magnet," its drivers ensure that the the transducer motor is "free from distortions, creating a balanced and dynamic sound". 

(The transducer is the part of the driver that converts electronic signals from your device into the vibration of the speaker cone and diaphragm.)

The Flow headphones also support auto-pause technology, which means your music will stop as soon as you remove the headphones – and with touch-sensitive earcups, you can control your music and answer phone calls by simply swiping your finger across them.

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