These new Tile trackers mean there's even less excuse for losing your keys

Often find yourself losing your car keys and not being able to find them when you're in a rush on a morning? Attach one of the new Tile trackers to them, and you'll be able to find them using your phone.

Tile has been making trackers you can attach to your personal items since 2012, and now the new Tile Mate and Tile Pro have launched offering even more features for the forgetful among us.

The new Tile Mate is the cheapest option, and it comes with a replaceable battery for the first time – the company estimates that will last around a year – and it can be tracked up to 150 feet away from your phone.

The volume is said to better on the Tile Mate to. It's set to cost £19.99 / $25 (about AU$37).

There's also the new Tile Pro that features a more premium and refined design, a replaceable battery and a 300ft range that means it's even easier to find whatever you're tracking.

The alarm on the Pro is twice as loud as the last generation product. The Tile Pro costs £29.99 / $35 (about AU$55).

Both products include the features from the last generation, including the ability to share your Tile devices over two accounts, the ability to find your phone by pressing on the button and smart home integration too.

The company has also debuted Tile Premium, which is a monthly service offering an even smoother Tile experience if you're particularly absentminded.

If you pay £30 / $30 (about AU$60) a year or £3 / $3 a month you'll get access to an extended warranty of three years, free battery replacements for all your trackers, unlimited sharing, your location history over the last 30 days and premium customer care.

You'll also get a feature called Smart Alerts that will send you notifications to your phone if you're leaving the house without the items you'd regularly take out at that time of day. It'll be in beta at launch, but it's expected to learn your routine over time and predict whether you're leaving something behind as you leave the house.

Tile Premium isn't likely to be an attractive option if you only own one or two trackers, but if you have lots attached to one account or you use them as part of your work you may find the service is built for you.

James Peckham

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