These 7 PC build fails will make you appreciate your rig even more

Look, despite being PC gamers, not all of us have gaming rigs that we’re immensely proud of. At least not proud enough to show them off on Instagram.

Even yours truly, an editor on a technology outlet, no less, has a gaming PC that, well, “gets the job done” – the thing we all say when we know our rig is not social media material. But, fret not! For there is always the vicarious joy in looking at things worse off than you and yours.

Behold, some of the worst (and hilarious) examples of PC build botches and computer neglect that should put you right back in a good mood after seeing the latest 100% custom, dual-Nvidia GTX 1080 build on Reddit. 

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A photo posted by A photo posted by @thinkcomputers on on Mar 1, 2016 at 10:05pm PST

“Do you think it needs one more? I mean, we are going to be running two Tita – what do you mean we don’t have room for the Titans? You told me we needed ‘serious cooling!’”

For when no amount of fans will keep your rig’s monstrous power in check. Wait, is that an HP Pavilion?

Sure, the 3TB hard drive is a fine addition … to the three disks he already has. I mean, how much por – never mind. Anyway, he might have a bigger problem than a lack of SATA ports: how the hell does he know where each SATA cord even goes?

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A photo posted by A photo posted by @thinkcomputers on on Feb 28, 2016 at 9:41am PST

Man, you just gotta feel for this sad sack. But seriously, how did they attempt to install the processor in the first place – with a hammer?

One can at least appreciate the technical prowess and, we dare say, artistry with which this processor cooling fan was installed in the completely wrong place.

I see nothing wrong. Why does my PC not work anymore? #pcfail #pcrepair #cantbreathe

A photo posted by @squ1ddos on Aug 27, 2016 at 9:39pm PDT

TMW you have very strong fears of looking at this when it’s time to fix mom and dad’s PC back home again.

TMW you have very strong fears of looking at this when it’s time to fix your anthropomorphic dog Brian’s PC again.

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