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The LG GX OLED soundbar is now selling for half-price, surprising no-one

(Image credit: LG)

When LG announced the GX soundbar accessory for its Gallery Series OLED TV, it was hard not to be put off by the price – and we're not overly surprised to see LG give it such a hefty discount.

The GX soundbar will now cost just £500 when bought alongside the Gallery Series OLED, instead of the initial £999 RRP. As a 3.1 channel soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support, it's a good companion to the OLED's measly 20W speakers – even if it wasn't good value until now.

The promotion is running until August 18 in the UK – and if you're reading from the US, the GX soundbar is now just $899 instead of $999, but it's not quite as tempting a saving as this bundle offer.

UK buyers will also get a free pair of true wireless earbuds, the TONE Free, sweetening the deal even further – if they buy before August 11, that is. These buds feature 18 hours of battery life and a UV light charging case for cleaning the buds when not in use.

OLEDs are pricey

The LG Gallery Series OLED is already a pricey television, though it's still a fraction of the price of its more premium sibling, the WX OLED, which comes connected to a premium soundbar.

Buying a GX OLED and GX soundbar is definitely a cheaper solution, especially after the latest price drop. If you're in the market for a new pair of earbuds, too, the £149 saving on the TONE Free won't make a massive dent in your expenses alongside a new OLED TV, but it's still a better deal than buying all these gadgets separately.

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