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LG's new Tone headphones are high-end AirPod competitors

LG's impressive Bluetooth headphones will feature even fewer wires when launched at CES 2017.

The popular LG Tone range of headphones, which have traditionally featured a Bluetooth neckband with wired earbuds connected, are to be upgraded in a big way for their launch at the start of the new year.

The LG Tone Studio is the headline device, where the neckband becomes a charging cradle for the wireless buds. That means you could dispense with the wearable section altogether, although you'll be losing volume control and play/pause functionality.

The Tone Studio also feature four speakers - each bud housing a 'full-range' and 'vibrating' piece - to improve the sound quality as well as DTS-tuned sonics for a surround sound effect.

Tone it down

The LG Tone Free appear to be the more affordable of the range, with the same wireless buds and neckband setup.

The neckband will vibrate to let the user know when they've got incoming calls or other notifications - but confusingly these also come with a separate charging 'box' for the ear buds, should you find the neckband not to your liking.

It's a similar setup to Apple's AirPods, or the Earin buds, showing the big brands think users like a separate charging case for their buds.

Sadly we don't have prices for these headphones just yet - but these could easily retail for $150 / £130 at least, given the 'premium-related' words LG is spraying around the announcement.

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