The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt gets surprise early release on Amazon Prime

The Grand Tour
(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

The long-awaited return of The Grand Tour has landed a little earlier than expected – Amazon has surprise-released the Madagascar-set special, which has the official title The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt. It's 90 minutes long, and you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video here

Beginning on the island of Reunion but ending up in Madagascar due to reasons you'll have to discover watching the episode, hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are on four wheels once more in this episode. It follows the special Seamen, which, as the name suggests, was primarily set on boats.

This might be your last new episode of The Grand Tour for a while – the next episode will take the hosts to Russia, but it seems unlikely that this will film during the pandemic. 

Still, for fans of Amazon Prime's massively popular motoring show, this has to be seen as a holiday treat.

Why the long delay?

While this episode was filmed before the pandemic kicked off, Amazon is ultimately in charge of when The Grand Tour releases on its platform. It's chose to release this one a year after the last episode – and the timing is likely shaped by the challenges of making a new episode right now.

Still, if you don't mind watching the hosts do their thing individually, James May also has a cooking show on Amazon Prime Video called James May: Oh Cook. Perhaps watching May make dinners will be just as satisfying as seeing him wisecrack while driving a car.

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