The best gaming phone is getting a follow-up, and it's coming soon

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel
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When it rains it pours, and it seems when one gaming smartphone is teased, they all seemingly are; we've now heard about three gaming smartphones over the last week.

Just days after the Nubia Red Magic 6 launch was scheduled for March 4 and the Asus ROG Phone 5 event was penciled in for March 10, Lenovo has given us a first glimpse at its newest games-focused smartphone.

In a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, a new Lenovo gaming smartphone was teased. This is presumably a follow-up to the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, which (at time of writing) tops our list of the best smartphones for gaming.

Nothing has been confirmed about the phone save its existence; there's no name provided, no features are mentioned, and 'spring' is the only clue as to a launch window which, in China, is between roughly March and May.

A teaser image does provide one morsel of information - the picture accompanying the Weibo post shows the Lenovo Legion logo encased in a block of ice. 

The most likely meaning of this is that the phone will have an advanced cooling system, which keeps the device temperature low when you're playing games. This is just us speculating on what the teaser image means, and this hasn't been confirmed by Lenovo.

Busy fingers

March is set to be a busy month for gaming phones, particularly if the Lenovo Legion Phone 2 (or whatever it's called when it's revealed) gets a launch then too. The Xiaomi Black Shark 4 is the only big upcoming gaming phone we've not yet heard about.

That's not all, as we know the Realme GT flagship line is set to debut in early March, as well as the Oppo Find X3 and possibly the OnePlus 9 and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro too. 

Each of these phones is likely to be a gaming champ as they're rumored to ship with top-end processors, though perhaps won't have all the particular features that gaming phones have to make them perfect for their niche.

Either way, fans of gaming phones (and smartphones in general) will be spoiled for choice in March, and TechRadar will be flush with reviews of all the new devices, so check back through the month for all the latest.

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