The Amazon Shop the Future electronics bank holiday sale is live

Amazon is getting involved with the bank holiday sales this weekend with a 'Shop the Future' electronics sale.

Shop the Future is a section of where you'll find innovative product that have caught Amazon's eye as potential next big things. So you might not have heard of some of the brands, and some items might be a little unusual, but you could be getting in on the ground floor of some futuristic tech before they become common household items.

There's more though, as Amazon is also having a wider electronics sale over the next few days. Some deals only last a day, while others are set to last throughout the bank holiday sales period, or until the stock allocation runs out at least. Prices, as ever, are subject to change, but are correct at the time of publication.

Rather than list every item, with a supposed saving, we've carefully compared the prices against other retailers to make sure you're only seeing the genuine discounts in our pick of the best Amazon deals.

Amazon Fire TV (refurbished) - £59.99- was £74.99
Refurbished Fire TV boxes are only usually a fiver cheaper than a new one, but this is much better. If you want a Smart TV box capable of streaming 4K content to your TV, the Fire TV box is the best option in the UK and seeing as this is £20 cheaper than a brand new one, we're pretty tempted.

Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS running watch £114.99 @ Amazon - was £169.99
Garmin are one of the leading brands in the world of fitness trackers and we're very tempted by this discount as the GPS-fitted trackers are usually much more expensive than the more basic models. At just £114.99 though this bank holiday sale might just be the redemption we need after three days of bacon and beer.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock £39.99 - was £70
That's a heft discount on this stylish Philips alarm clock. The light it produces simulates the glow of a sunrise for a gentler way to wake up. The brightness increases over time rather than going full beam in your face first thing in the morning.

Sony HT-XT2 170W Sound Base £159 - was £189
The sound base fits under most TVs and can give your set some serious audio boost. Modern TV speakers have gone down the pan a bit nowadays as TVs go thinner than the previous generation. With 170w virtual surround sound though, this will add some much needed oomph. You're not limited to TV audio either as you can also stream music to the sound base.

Philips Fidelio X2 Hi-Res Headphones £129.99 - was £269.99
That's a big discount right there. We've seen these go for £150 on Amazon pre-owned. If you've been waiting a while to treat yourself to a quality pair of over-ear headphones, we don't think you'll see a better deal on these for some time. These were a popular pick last year on Black Friday and this deal has gone even cheaper, not bad at all for a pair of headphones that are often rated higher than ones costing over a grand.

Wacom Intuos Pro Small Graphics Tablet £161.99- was £229.99
That's a decent-sized discount from the RRP on this graphics tablet used for editing digital images on your laptop or PC. It comes with an improved multi-touch sensor and wireless accessory kit.

Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet £71.99- was £89.99
If the graphics tablet above is a bit expensive or you're looking for a more basic option to get you started, this Wacom slate could be for you.

Toshiba 49U5766DB 49-Inch 4K Smart TV £409 - was £549
Amazon knocked £140 off this 49-inch 4K TV. You're all set for 4K screenings too as it comes with plenty of Smart TV apps like Netflix and YouTube.

Motorola Moto G4 Plus (black - single SIM) £149.99 - was £219.99
Motorola Moto G4 Plus (white - double SIM) £149.99 - was £249.99
The Moto G4 is one of the best budget smartphones ever made and remarkable value for the money. Pair it up with a cheap SIM only deal. and you're saving a huge amount of money compared to most modern smartphone contracts.

Dodow sleep machine £35.20 - was £44
You can't put a price on a good night's sleep. Well, unless you're buying one of these soothing sleep machines. Using a metronome ceiling light and breathing techniques, the Dodow claims people who usually take an hour to fall asleep will be out within 25 minutes. Worth a shot?

More Amazon bank holiday sale items

Garmin DriveAssist sat nav with dashcam £159.99 - was £229.95
Sat navs are making a comeback of late and dashcams are the hottest new gadget for drivers. So why not get a device with both? It also has free lifetime updates for UK and European maps.

Flexound HUMU Smart Cushion £230.32 - was £269
We're really hoping these pillow speakers catch on because after testing this one briefly, we think they're pretty great. You can play music from your smart devices, lie back and 'feel' the music around your head. Very immersive, very cool and also very expensive, even with a £39 discount today. This is the cheapest we've seen this innovative device go for though.

Bank holiday sales

Of course Amazon isn't the only place getting stuck into the bank holiday deals this weekend. Plenty of retailers are lining up the big discounts. We've rounded up the best of the best in our bank holiday sales article. If you'd prefer to head direct to the retailers though, here's a list of the big stores involved.

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