Walmart really is selling a Vudu-only streaming dongle

Vudu Spark
The Vudu Spark: it's official

Last November we reported that Walmart made its own streaming stick, the Vudu Spark, and that it would exclusively play content from Vudu, Walmart's own streaming service.

It wasn't 100% certain, but now that wonderful dream has been realized, as Walmart has begun selling the Vudu Spark, reports GigaOM. has a dedicated section for the dongle, where you can get a good look at it and find out "how it works."

Here's a summary: you give Walmart $25, take the tiny Spark home, plug it into your TV, and enjoy streaming content from a single service until you run out of things to watch.

Or, for $10 more, you could buy a Chromecast and watch content from a wide variety of apps and services, including whatever you're playing on your computer. But whatever, you do you.

There is the fact that Walmart gives you a $25 Vudu credit when you activate the stick, effectively - as a company spokesperson pointed out to TechRadar - making the device free.