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Updated Google Play app on Google TV brings TV, movies, music

Google logo

The company famous for its homepage Doodle announced a new Google TV update Monday, one that users will likely welcome.

According to a company blog post, Google TV owners will now be able to rent or buy movies, TV shows and music directly from the Google Play Store.

As part of the change, users can also track down titles through Google's TV & Movies app, the company said.

Purchases made through other devices will automatically become available on Google TV, too.

From a developer perspective, the update enables Google Play features like auto-updates, subscription billing and smart app updates to go into effect.

Not done yet

Speculation surfaced in August that Google TV might be heading the way of the dodo thanks to reports Google was looking to shell off Motorola's set-top box business.

Google purchased Motorola Mobility earlier this year.

Such a sale - which doesn't appear to have gone anywhere yet - could serve as a signal that Google is looking to exit the TV receiver biz.

However, with this new update, which will hit more and more users over the coming weeks, Google appears to ready to keep its chips on its TV service.