LG brings Napster and more to its Smart TVs

Would you buy a Smart TV?

Don't worry if there's nothing on telly this Christmas, as LG has added some more entertainment services to its Smart TVs.

Any day now, you should be able to get Napster, Eurosport, and music streaming service Deezer on your LG connected telly.

LG is also handing out £50 credit for Acetrax Movies to anyone buying a Smart TV before Christmas.

Sport and millions of tunes

Napster and Deezer are the first music services to come to the platform. You'll need a subscription for each. Napster offers over 17 million tracks, while Deezer has more than 20 million.

Eurosport Player lets you watch the Eurosport channels, offering major sporting events like the Australian Open and Tour de France for your viewing pleasure. Like the music services, you'll need a subscription to use it.

These services join LG's existing portfolio of on-demand offerings, including the aforementioned Acetrax Movies, Lovefilm, Netflix, Knowhow Movies, and Blinkbox.

Smart TVs haven't really taken off so far, because of competing platforms and clunky interfaces. Google TV hasn't made much impact, and rival YouView is still too expensive. Apple is rumoured to be working on a TV set, and if it can make it as user friendly as its phones and tablets, it could wipe the floor with the others.

Joe Svetlik

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