Toshiba reveals 'wallet-friendly' TL Series 3D TV

Toshiba reveals 'wallet-friendly' TL Series 3D TV
Not exactly a looker

Toshiba has bolstered its 3D TV line-up at IFA 2011 with the launch of the TL Series, which brings "exceptional value" Full HD 3D sets.

We can't vouch for the value just yet, as Toshiba hasn't told us the TL Series' UK pricing or release date yet, but we can tell you that the Full HD 3D will be shown on an LED display panel - unlike Tosh's other big TV news, these ones will need active shutter glasses.

The 3D TVs also come with smart TV functionality, meaning you can use Toshiba Places to access apps and services, including the new Facebook app for onscreen networking and acetrax to root out exciting new content.

Ports galore

You can never have enough ports these days, and the TL series a healthy four HDMI ports plus two USB inputs as well as DLNA compatibility.

The range comes with a 40-inch and 46-inch screen size, with a 200 frames per second refresh rate which should mean minimal judder when watching movies and games.

And just where will you find that content? Well, there's built in Freeview HD, as well as integrated YouTube and BBC iPlayer access – and that Facebook access should allow you to rent movies on the social network too.

Unfortunately, the active shutter specs that you'll need to see any 3D content are sold separately – that good value angle isn't looking quite so hot now.

As well as the TL Series, Toshiba has snuck out the RL858 TV which is a Full HD LED backlit TV in 32- and 40-inch models, with internet connectivity but sans 3D.

Take a look at the rest of Toshiba's IFA 2011 news with TechRadar's nifty little video roundup:

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