Sony launches new World Cup 3D TV campaign

David Attenborough is one advocate of 3D TV, although we're not sure if he'll be glued to the 3D World Cup next month

If you are considering splashing out on a new 3D TV for next month's World Cup in South Africa, then Sony's latest ad campaign may well succeed on tipping you over the edge and persuading you to pull out the credit card.

Previews of the ads in Sony's latest campaign shows how Sony's ad agency, Anomaly, make use of startling montage starring a strongman, the footballer Kaka, a sports car burning out and an exploding goalmouth.

Do not adjust your set

The ad is shot in fuzzy 'fake 3D' and warns you that your TV is not on the blink, but add that "Maybe it's time to buy a 3D TV." A more direct advertising message is hard to imagine!

Sony's new 3D campaign will run across Europe and was by the ad agency

The campaign will kick off in the UK on 11 June – to coincide with the World Cup's opening match between South Africa and Mexico. Sony 3D TVs will go on sale on 12 June.

"Unless you give viewers a bit of a jolt, a wake up, if you can't make a serious impact then it is just another bit of fancy TV wallpaper," Anomaly's co-founder Paul Graham, told Media Guardian. "We've got to get people into stores, or cinemas, to get people into 3D."

You can see Sony's latest 3D TV ad over at Media Guardian.

Via Media Guardian