Google Chromecast will be available to buy in the UK 'very soon'

Looks like Chromecast will hit the UK very, very soon
Is Chromecast finally Brit-bound?

Updated: A retail spokesperson told TechRadar that Chromecast will be available to buy in the UK "very soon" and strongly hinted that the dongle will be priced at £30 when it becomes available.

Original story below...

Google's just given its Chromecast Android app an update that suggests an international roll-out is imminent.

On top of a handful of bug fixes, the update adds support for over 50 languages which could just be Google doing some basic software improvements or a big fat hint that it's putting everything in place for a global launch.

Incidentally, Twitter user Ray Carmichael posted a picture of Chromecast boxes allegedly from a Currys PC World store. "Just received a full box with Chromecast," he wrote in a separate tweet.

Chrome sweet Chrome

Google's head of Android Sunday Pichai recently said that Google intended to spread the Chromecast love beyond the US by the end of March so it's not like as though this imminent launch is a shocking revelation.

The TV stick costs $35 in the US right now and we'd expect to see a price tag of around £35 when it hits the UK.

Currys PC World told TechRadar that it had no information on an exact release date at this time.

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