LG UK: We haven't sold 15k 3D sets to Sky

LG - red faces look even better in 3D
LG - red faces look even better in 3D

LG's UK branch has moved to clarify a Asian press release suggesting that Sky has bought 15,000 of its 3D televisions.

TechRadar understands that Sky is merely acting as a conduit for pubs to buy LG's 3D sets cheaply, and has not actually been stocking up some secret warehouse in deepest Osterley.

That is borne out by LG UK's slightly red-faced release, which admitted that the 15,000 figure quoted before was inaccurate.


"LG Electronics UK (LG), a leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics and appliances, clarifies its agreement to supply TVs for British Sky Broadcasting Group's (Sky) forthcoming 3D TV service," said LG UK.

"LG is currently working with Sky to bring 3D TV to pubs and clubs throughout the UK and Ireland. LG will supply 3D TVs nationwide to support the launch of Sky 3D, Europe's first 3DTV Channel The channel goes live in pubs and clubs from April 2010.

"A previous release issued 16 March 2010 referenced a commercial deal to supply 15,000 3D TVs to Sky.

"LG Electronics UK would like to further clarify the situation. The figure of 15,000 3D TVs is inaccurate. Sky is helping support its commercial customers purchase TVs direct from a UK third party."

So, someone had better tell the manufacturing plant to postpone the party, 15,000 sets is simply inaccurate.

Patrick Goss

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