LG's new OLED TV is in stores now... but it's not 4K

LG 55EC930V
The LG 55EC930V is LG's second full HD OLED TV

LG has announced the immediate availability of its new 55-inch curved OLED TV.

The LG 55EC930V costs £2,999 and is available today from stores including John Lewis, Richer Sounds and Currys.

This new OLED TV is not to be confused with the forthcoming LG 65EC970V which is the 4K model we discussed on TechRadar a couple of weeks ago.

The EC930V is a full HD model then, which makes it the natural successor to the LG 55EA9800 to which we gave four and a half stars earlier this year.

LG 55EA9800 verdict

"The long, long wait is over and vaguely affordable big-screen OLED entertainment has finally arrived. And what style it's arrived in, with the 55EA9800 imperiously rising to the challenge of living up to all the hype OLED has built up around itself over the past three or four years."


LG 55EA9800 review

"It's clear from Test & Recommendation that OLED is the 'Ultimate Display' – and we passionately believe all consumers should have the opportunity to enjoy and see the difference of LG OLED TV," said Andy Mackay, UK Commercial Director at LG. "So, at LG, we are committed to OLED TV to deliver True colours, Wide Angle Viewing and the Perfect Viewing Experience"

OLED is considered the holy grail of TV technologies, promising infinite contrast ratios, higher viewing angles, better motion, thinner and lighter screens and better colour performance. But it's also famously hard to manufacture, with LG being the only brand that has successfully developed a technique with economically viable yield rates.

We'll have a review for you on TechRadar very soon!

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