Hitachi sued over HD TV complaints

If only the 50V500A TV had been more like this luscious slimline beauty

"Green blobs, red blooms, green haze, blue dots and yellow lines." It might sound like an interesting afternoon spent consuming illegal substances but owners of Hitachi 50V500A televisons aren't smiling inanely - a lawsuit filed in Texas alleges that the High Def TV simply couldn't display colours properly.

Plaintiff Anthony Partida of Dallas says he and other owners experienced such wobbly colours when using the rear projection LCD television that it was useless for its intended purpose. According to the lawsuit, 'tens of thousands' of people could have been affected by the 'design defect'.

High Def hoo ha

"Hitachi has been more than willing to take people's money for these TV sets and they should be more than willing to fix them," says attorney Eric D. Pearson, representing Mr Partida. "In some cases, people paid $3,500 or more for these TVs. You can't take that kind of money and deliver a defective product."

Could this be the start of a flurry of lawsuits against electronics manufacturers? Should Microsoft be worried about its Xbox 360's blue ring of death? Or Apple about 3G hiccups with the new iPhone? Let the courts decide! We are confident that, as ever, justice will prevail.