Sony 4K TV shipping with world's first Ultra HD content delivery system

4K Ultra HD TV
Sony will provide exclusive Hollywood content to early adopters

Consumers concerned Sony's KD-84X9005 4K Ultra High Definition television won't have a wealth of native resolution content to enjoy upon its delivery at their houses can worry a bit less now.

Sony announced on Tuesday the first customers who pre-ordered the massive television will gain exclusive access to what the manufacturer called "the world's first 4K Ultra HD delivery solution."

The device will come pre-loaded with 4K Ultra HD content, which Sony assured is much more than just demo footage made to show off the capabilities of the KD-84X9005.

TechRadar got the chance to review the television last month, so it's good to hear that the set's outstanding Ultra HD imagery, 3D pics and audio won't go to waste.

What to watch for

One of the big advantages Sony has when it comes to 4K Ultra HD is it owns its own production company, and makes 4K Ultra HD cameras and projectors used by many films today.

As a result, Sony has a wealth of in-house 4K Ultra HD content it has produced that is ripe and ready for home use with its new display.

The content provided by this new content delivery system along with the first 4K Ultra HD TVs Sony sells will include some of these full-length Hollywood productions.

Though Sony was tight-lipped about just what kind of content would be included, it did reveal the content would be exclusive.

Whether that exclusivity will be in the realm of Panasonic's deal for Avatar 3D, or a limited exclusivity until 4K Ultra HD media becomes more commonplace, remains to be seen.

Sony has promised to reveal more details about the specific content to be included before the set arrives later this year.

With the KD-84X9005 retailing for $25,000 (UK £25,000, AUD$38,765), the offerings will have to be pretty impressive to make the investment worthwhile.