LG 2015 OLED TV line-up is flexible, curvy and flat

Take your breath away?

LG is going all in on OLED; the company's display arm has invested heavily in the new tech, and LG expects OLED TVs to reach past 1 million in 2016. What's more, LG is out to make "OLED" a household word, though it's not really a word, is it?

The company's 2015 OLED line-up includes seven different 4K OLED TVs, including designs that flex, curve and stay flat in 55-, 65- and 77-inch models.

The most impressive of all may be the 77-inch Flexible 4K OLED TV. There's no word on pricing, so don't expect this marvel to come cheap.

Welcome webOS 2.0

Every 2015 4K OLED TV from LG comes packing webOS 2.0, the newest update to LG's smart TV platform.

LG has focused on trimming the UI and making the experience more intuitive with the newest edition of webOS, though we'll have to see for ourselves on the show floor if LG has accomplished this feat.

To go along with the new interface, Harman/Kardon speakers put a premium on audio quality.

Other notables

Also among LG's OLED line-up is the 65-inch Floating Art Slim Curved 4K OLED TV and a 55-inch Floating Art Slim Flat 4K OLED TV.

Long-winded names aside, LG's new OLED TVs aim to impress with their unique designs. The Art Slim aims to marry sleek tech with aesthetic appeal. A transparent stand puts the TV front-and-center in a near-floating effect. The Art Slim comes curved, though a flat design made the cut, too.

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