Top 10 high-definition TVs under £1,000

The best TVs aren't cheap, so cheap TVs aren't any good, right?

Not a chance. High-def viewing pleasure is no longer the preserve of the well-heeled, and as picture quality goes up, so prices are edging downwards.

You can get an awful lot for a grand these days. Naturally, LCD is well represented in our 10 favourites, but there's also a rear-projection monster in there and even a gorgeous plasma to add some variety. Note that most of your typical high-street vendors won't offer you these kind of prices - the best deals are to be found online.

10 Sony KDL-40V2000 - £999

40-inch LCD. 1x HDMI. 1366x768. It's mainly age that's brought this V-series Bravia just under a grand. Its strengths, though, remain just as valid today as they did when we reviewed it 12 months ago. The Bravia styling remains attractive, while picture quality is pleasantly detailed and natural, particularly from high-definition sources. The best part: Superb high-def picture quality.

9 JVC LT-32DX7 - £920

32-inch LCD. 2x HDMI. 1366x768. If you're looking for a strong all-rounder, the LT-32DX7 may just be the ticket. It's towards the top of our price range, but JVC has produced an LCD without any clear weaknesses. Picture quality, particularly from standard-definition material, is strong. The design is smart and elegant, and the sound quality is a real surprise. The best part: Fantastic sound from its concealed speakers.

8 Panasonic TX-32LXD70 - £630

32-inch LCD. 2x HDMI. 1366x768. The TX-32LXD70 is an overachiever in so many areas that its affordable price tag is quite remarkable. Its styling is typical of modern high-def TVs, while a 100Hz scanning rate does wonders for LCD's traditional problems in handling motion. The viewing angle is also impressive; our only reservation is the only average black levels, but that's hardly new for LCD. The best part: Excellent handling of moving objects.

7 Samsung LE-26R74BDX - £440

26-inch LCD. 1x HDMI. 1366x768. At this price, you have to compromise somewhere, and with this Samsung, it appears to be on connections. Just a single HDMI and two Scarts are present, but on the plus side, a Freeview tuner is included. And while this LCD is cheap, there's nothing cheap about its looks, or its high-def picture performance. Sound and standard-def pictures are only average, and it's not the newest kid on the block. But its strengths far outweigh its weaknesses. The best part: Great high-def picture performance for under £500.

6 Toshiba 42WLT66 - £800

42-inch LCD. 2x HDMI. 1920x1080. Time has been kind to the 42WLT66. We gave it a cautious thumbs up when we reviewed it last year, but that was at £2,000. Now it's much cheaper, and its 1080p status really does make a strong argument. As you would expect, high-definition picture quality is superb. Audio is strong too, but there are occasional problems with colour balance and standard-def pictures. These are minor niggles, but certainly cost the Toshiba a couple of places in these standings. The best part: Outstanding value for money.

5 Sony KDS-55A2000 - £999

55-inch SXRD rear-projection. 2x HDMI. 1920x1080. The normal rules of value for money are generally suspended for rear-projection TVs, simply because of their size. Put it this way, if space is not a problem, this is an absolute bargain. Despite its mammoth screen size, Full HD resolution ensures crisp and detailed pictures. Quality of standard-def material falls away a little, but not by much. Another point worth noting is the speedy response time of just 2.5ms - perfect for a games console. The best part: the biggest Full HD picture here by a long way.

4 Panasonic TX-26LXD60 - £570