Foxtel brings all of Season 2 House of Cards same day as Netflix

House of Cards
Get ready for a Valentine's weekend binge

We may moan and groan about not having Netflix in Australia, but Foxtel is at least bringing us the entire second season of House of Cards at about the same time as the US.

The series will premiere Stateside on Valentines Day - or February 15 our time, and Foxtel will broadcast the first episode at midday.

It'll also have Season 2 of House of Cards ready for On Demand for those of us who want to binge.

Foxtel did the same thing with Season 1, and we're very happy to see an Australian provider strive to give us our favourite programming as soon as it can.

At least Aussie House of Cards fans won't have to frantically put together a VPN and Netflix account any time soon.

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Via: TVTonight