Glass goes from Google X to Google X-rated with bedroom-based sex app

People already have trepidations about the privacy-invasive Google Glass, but at least one app developer is further pushing the envelope and getting under the sheets with sex-focused Glassware.

Sex with Google Glass is supposed to give two intimate Glass-wearing partners the ability to live stream their perspective to each other after saying the words "OK Glass, it's time." Naturally, the predictable "OK Glass, pull out" ends the video session.

The app films "every angle" of the two partners most private moments, and they're supposed to stay private, according to its London-based developer.

Video replays can also be relayed to a phone but they are deleted after five hours. Even with that safety feature, it's still a risk - have you ever heard of the screengrab buttons that can save "time-sensitive" Snapchats forever?

The biggest problem with Sex with Glass besides the unquestionable creepiness? It requires a couple to own two Google Glass prototypes totaling $3,000 (about £1,822, AU$3,406). At the least app is slated to be free.

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Always a better decision than Sex with Google Glass is a round with more blips.

Matt Swider