Connect TV to bring 45 new channels to Freeview

Connect TV to bring 45 new channels to Freeview
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Connect TV, a new IPTV service, has announced it is bringing up to 45 new channels to Freeview users which have a connected set-top box.

Connect TV is a broadband TV service which is launching exclusively through the Freeview platform and offers both live streaming content and on-demand functionality.

Speaking about the new service, Phil Walder, managing director at Connect TV, explained: "It responds to consumer desire for more content choice and increased interactivity at the touch of a button.

"We're able to give consumers a wealth of extra free and paid content without forcing them to leave the familiar surroundings of their main TV screen and Freeview menu."

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Connect TV isn't the first service to marry web and Freeview – Fetch TV has been around for some time, offering a similar service.

But Connect TV does have the accolade of offering the first live streaming channels through Freeview.

These include: Racing UK, Sports Tonight Live, CCTV and French, Greek, Polish and Turkish programming from the Vision TV Network.

We agree it's not the most riveting of line-ups, but it is free and will bolster a users' Freeview line-up, as long as their box is connected to a broadband setup.

Users can access the content through their existing Freeview menu, so it shouldn't scare those who have yet to try out an IPTV solution.

Connect TV enters a market which is still nascent in the UK. Sky and Virgin Media both offer on-demand content through their services and there's many an app available on games consoles and connected TVs.

But Connect TVs main rival hasn't entered the market yet – its service is achingly similar to what YouView has been promising but failing to offer for some time.

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