Telegram adds slew of features including auto-delete and home screen widgets

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Telegram recently experienced a massive spike in the number of users signing up for the messaging platform after the WhatsApp controversial privacy policy updates. Now, the WhatsApp’s rival has introduced a slew of new features including an auto-delete messages feature, widgets for Android, making it easier to report spam content and fake accounts, expiring links and a lot more.

The new auto-delete messages feature, which was earlier only available for Secret Chats, is now available for individual chats, groups and channels and as the name suggests deletes the messages after a stipulated time. Users can set the auto-deletion time between 24 hours to 7 days.

All the messages that are set to delete automatically, will have a timer displayed alongside. This countdown timer can be accessed by tapping the message itself on Android or long-pressing the message on iPhones. While individual users can control the message deletion time, however, in the case of group chats only Admins can enable or modify the timer or messages.

Another new feature is Home screen widgets which let you add widgets on your smartphones’ (both, iOS and Android) home screen. The chat widget can be used to show a preview of recent messages while the shortcut widget shows only names and profile pictures.

These widgets can be added by long pressing on your Android device's home screen and for the iOS devices, you need to tap the (+) on iOS and search for Telegram.

The update also adds new ways to share invites with your friends. Now you can send an invite by sharing a printable QR code as well as invite links that will expire after a limited time duration and also several times it has been used or both. The idea behind these expirable links is to allow the admins to control the number of users joining the group.

Additionally, Telegram has improved the way users can report spam content, fake accounts, or content that doesn’t meet the community standards. This is intended to enhance the chat experience with higher privacy and better security.

Other key features that were introduced by Telegram are Broadcast groups, improvements in Chat import etc. With the help of these features, Telegram not only wants to improve the user experience but also wants to make it clear that not only Telegram values users' privacy but is also constantly innovating to add new features.

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