iOS 9 may try and predict where you're going to tap next

iOS 9
iOS 9 is on its way.

Get ready for the future: Siri knows everything about you, your entire home runs on Apple kit, and your iPhone knows where you're going to tap next. Or at least it may do, if we can trust a newly discovered nugget of code in iOS 9.

Developers now have access to the earliest version of the software in preparation for a full release later this year, and as they snoop through the various lines of code, a number of features are coming to light - like an upgrade for the front-facing camera.

Eagle-eyed devs have just spotted reference to a new "touch prediction" feature coming in iOS 9, clearly visible in the iOS Developer Library documents. Is your iPhone or iPad going to start guessing where you'll tap next?

Mind the tap

The smart money is on some kind of pre-caching feature where graphics and other assets are loaded in advance for faster access, assuming you do tap in the predicted spot. Similar techniques are used by websites and browsers.

It could be something as simple as the software recognising the difference between buttons and blank space, or it might mean that your iPhone will get to know your taps so well it will be able to play Angry Birds for you.

With no official comment from Apple, all we know is that touch prediction of some kind is on its way, together with all of the other shiny new iOS 9 features. If you're particularly daring, you can sign up for beta access next month.

Via PhoneArena

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