Android Jelly Bean will add 'Liveness Check' to Face Unlock feature

Android Jelly Bean will add Liveness Check to Face Unlock feature

Google has improved the security of its Android Face Unlock feature with a new feature within the Jelly Bean 4.1 release.

The admittedly 'low security' Face Unlock tech was introduced within Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but was soon found to be easily by-passed using a photograph of the phone's owner.

Jelly Bean, announced at Google I/O, offers a solution which requires the user to blink before it will allow them into the phone.

Keeping 'friends' locked out

This means none of your friends can use photos of you to break into the device and post embarrassing Facebook updates or worse.

Google is calling the feature 'Liveness Check'.

Samsung has already implicated similar 'blink detection' technology for the unlocking mechanism in an update for the Galaxy S phone, back in March.

Via: Talk Android, The Verge