iTunes Radio international roll out officially starts in Australia, UK to follow?

iTunes Radio international roll officially starts in Australia, UK to follow?
Eminem's new LP featured in the 'first play' section of iTunes Radio

Apple's iTunes Radio service is now officially available in Australia, marking the first time the customised radio service has been available outside of the United States.

In a press release sent out to the Aussie media, the company announced the availability on devices running iOS 7, the set top box and PCs and Macs with the latest version of iTunes.

The internet radio service, which rivals similar offerings from Spotify, Pandora and more, rolled out in the United States in September 2013, alongside the launch of iOS 7.

It allows users to create free radio stations based on songs and artists, as well as access stations created by Apple and guest musicians.

There's also 'first listens' where albums from the likes of Eminem have made debuts and the opportunity to add songs to an iTunes wishlist where they can be purchased to own.


Since Apple launched iTunes Radio in the United States, the company's fans have patiently waited the international roll-out.

There have been a few false starts, with the service becoming briefly available to a few iTunes users in the UK and Canada in recent weeks.

Will the Australian launch mean an arrival in Blighty to give Spotify a run for its money is imminent? We've reached out to Apple and will update this story should a response be forthcoming.

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