Apple wants Siri to evolve into a more friendly lady

iPhone Siri
Apple wants to smooth Siri's rough edges

Even though she's already starred in a handful of commercials with some of entertainment's biggest names, Siri could still use a little work.

The hit-or-miss voice activated search function proudly touted by Apple as a key feature in its newer iOS devices like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini may be popular for parlor tricks, but Apple has grander plans for Siri.

While Siri's appeared helpful to the likes of Sam Jackson and Martin Scorcese, Danny DeVito was overheard by TechRadar calling the faceless voice a "ball-breaker" at CES 2013.

That's just the kind of sentiment Apple is hoping to avoid in the future and, according to a new job listing, is looking to rectify rather quickly.

Siri Poppins

In a twist only the best fairy tales could have predicted, Apple is currently searching for a new writer to transform Siri from the blunt, brash femme vocale she is today into a more sophisticated and charming leading lady.

The job listing hopes to wrangle a writer who will "help the Siri team evolve Siri as a distinct, recognizable character," and that would "develop and write original dialog to support new Siri capabilities."

Additionally, Apple is hoping the writer will be able to maintain Siri's ability to "explain things in engaging, funny, and practical ways," as her personality is what Apple hopes will set Siri apart from the competition.

Apple claimed in the posting "Siri is known for 'her' wit," but her laconic delivery makes even Steven Wright look like the most jovial and outspoken comedian on the circuit.

Whomever lands the job certainly has quite the task in front of him or her, but the prospects of creating an entire persona that will "live" inside millions of smartphones around the globe should be more than enough motivation for any writer to apply for the opportunity.

Via 9to5Mac