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AirCastLive app lets you throw photos and videos to a Vizio TV for free

AirCastLive Vizio
AirCastLive lets you send content to streaming devices and, now, Vizio TVs

There are plenty of reasons to love Vizio's new 4K P-Series TVs, not least because they're the first affordable Ultra HD sets to hit the market.

Here's another: the AirCastLive app, which Vizio and AirCast Mobile have announced can now sling photos and video directly from smartphones and tablets to Vizio smart TVs.

The app is available on iOS and Android, and it lets users send content between devices even if they're not on the same Wi-Fi network. Photos and video are first uploaded to the company's servers, and from there they can be shared to other AirCast users' screens. AirCast says it happens "instantly."

The app is available for a small fee on Google TV and Roku devices, but the version for Vizio TVs, out now, is free with 1GB of storage. It's compatible with Vizio's E-Series and M-Series TVs, plus the brand new 4K P-Series.