Sky Mobile brings data rollover perk to iPads and Samsung tablets

Sky Mobile is now selling tablets on its Swap plans, allowing users of 4G-enabled slates to hold on to any unused data from their monthly allowance for up to three years.

The data rollover service has been around since the launch of Sky Mobile back in January 2017, but this is the first time it has brought the offering to tablets.

Samsung's slates are the first to benefit, with the Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab S2 both available on a Sky Mobile Swap deal, with the former available for £13 per month with no upfront cost - netting you 500MB of data each month, over a 36 month deal.

Any unused data at the end of each month gets stored in a piggybank, which you can then call upon in a later month if you need some additional internet. It's stored for three years, giving you plenty of time to use it.

Apple ahead

It's not just the Samsung duo that can benefit from the data saving feature, as Sky Mobile says it will add a number of iPad models to its Swap plans in the near future as well.

Update: The new iPad has now been added to Sky Mobile's line-up.

John McCann
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