Should you buy a Lego calendar now or wait for the Black Friday Lego deals?

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar
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Some of the most popular Black Friday Lego deals are on the company's popular advent calendar sets - these are your traditional December day-counters, except instead of chocolate, cheese or gin, each door houses bricks or minifigures.

Many people view Black Friday in late November as the best time to buy a Lego calendar, which totally makes sense - not only do sets get some of their cost knocked off during the sales season, but it takes place just before advent begins.

Naturally, then, if you're interested in buying a Lego advent calendar you might be considering waiting until then, or the Cyber Monday Lego sales, to pick up a calendar. However, that might not be the best idea.

What Lego advent calendars are there?

If you search Amazon for Lego advent calendars, you'll find loads of options, and that's because the brick company puts out multiple each year. There are separate ones for different franchises, and many get updated each year.

In 2021, the Lego website lists four calendars: City, Friends, Harry Potter and Marvel, though in some countries, the latter isn't listed, and in many places, we checked the Friends set is already sold out. 

To be clear, the Lego Friends we're talking about is the company's line of sets about... well, friends, with camping, shopping and party-themed kits - this isn't about the popular TV show, though there are Lego sets about that too.

Lego Mario ? Block

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A quick Amazon search for 'Lego calendar' will bring up plenty of results, with lots of older sets too (not that age matters - every year has the same number of advent days!). There are a few Star Wars sets available too, as Lego usually makes a new one each year.

Other retailers have stock of previous-year advent calendars too - Walmart, for example, has about a billion from different franchises, at a few price points. There's a $100 price tag on a 2017 Star Wars calendar - presumably, that's a tax leveled against sets from those halcyon pre-Last-Jedi-and-Rise-of-Skywalker days.

You should buy them now

Monitoring Black Friday deals on Lego sets has taught us one thing: the advent calendars sell out fast.

Lots of the time when we include the calendars in our deal roundups, they're the first to sell out, especially on franchise kits.

As we said, it makes sense that these deals are popular, between the late November date for Black Friday and the fact the reductions are pretty sizeable. But it's tough for people who don't have any other form of calendar: if you miss the sales, it's usually too late to buy a backup.

If you can afford it, then, we'd recommend buying an advent calendar early to avoid disappointment. As we said the Lego website shows a few calendars being sold out already, and while you can still get those same sets from other retailers, it does show the general popularity of these kits.

For those who can't justify the expense of these kits: that's totally okay, and you might get lucky with the deals over Black Friday. You'll just have to monitor when the reductions begin, and act quickly.

Friends Lego

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What else can we expect from the Black Friday Lego deals?

The general rule of thumb for Lego deals over Black Friday is breadth over depth: we'll see lots of kits have their prices lowered, but the discounts themselves might be relatively modest, at 15% or 20% off. Sure, for the expensive brick boxes that can be a fair amount off, but it's not quite the 85% discount we can see on some products.

That's the rule, at least, but there will certainly be exceptions, especially from high street retailers. We often see Walmart in the US and Smyths in the UK do some big discounts on sets, but those usually sell out quickly.

A few retailers have already started on their Lego deals - well, calling them 'early Black Friday sales would be a bit of a stretch, but they're worthy discounts anyway. You can see a few choice ones below for both the US and UK but there are no calendar ones unfortunately.

Over the Black Friday period, we'll be tirelessly hunting down the best deals for Lego and other products, so check back to TechRadar then - and bookmark our Lego deals guide - if you want buying advice when the prices are dropping.

Lego Classic Bricks & Plates: $69.99 $39.99 at Walmart (save $30)

Lego Classic Bricks & Plates: $69.99 $39.99 at Walmart (save $30)
This Lego set is perfect for builders - it comes with over 1500 pieces in a range of colors and shapes, making it a perfect playground for the imagination. Unlike some other similar Lego sets, this also has plates, which are useful for certain builds.

Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty: $119.99 $95.99 at Amazon (save $24)

Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty: $119.99 $95.99 at Amazon (save $24)
Lego Architecture sets are some of the coolest made by the brick company, as they depict real-life monuments or skylines. One of the priciest is the Statue of Liberty set, which stands a massive 14 inches tall. This is the lowest price we've seen the set for, though it could go slightly lower over Black Friday.

Lego Super Mario Starter Course: $59.99 $47.99 at Walmart (save $12)

Lego Super Mario Starter Course: $59.99 $47.99 at Walmart (save $12)
The Super Mario Lego set is one big game, with extra sets letting you extend the play based on parts of the popular game series. This starter course is the one set you really need to play, so it's the entry point for if you want to get the other sets.

Lego Adidas Originals Superstar: £79.99 £64.99 at Zavvi (save £15)

Lego Adidas Originals Superstar: £79.99 £64.99 at Zavvi (save £15)
£15 off is a good saving for a Lego set, but what's surprising here is that the kit in question is only a month old - usually we'd have to wait longer to see this kind of discount. The set lets you build a Lego replica of the famous Adidas shoe - just bear in mind, you can't wear it.

Lego Jurassic World T-Rex Rampage: £220 £165 at Argos (save £55)

Lego Jurassic World T-Rex Rampage: £220 £165 at Argos (save £55)
We haven't seen this famous Jurassic Park Lego set go for a price this low (well, it's the landmark it depicts that's famous). Buying it gets you the classic Jurassic Park doors as well as a huge T-Rex and minifigures from the original film. It's a perfect gift for a fan of the dinosaur movie, despite the high price.

Lego Ideas International Space Station: £65 £49 at Argos (save £55)

Lego Ideas International Space Station: £65 £49 at Argos (save £55)
This is the lowest price we've seen for one of the coolest Lego Ideas sets on the market. It depicts everyone's favorite low-earth-orbit space station, complete with a shuttle and some 'microfigures' (or tiny minifigures).

Lego Technic Land Rover Defender: £159.99 £100 at Amazon (save £60)

Lego Technic Land Rover Defender: £159.99 £100 at Amazon (save £60)
We've never seen the Lego Technic Land Rover Defender down this low on Amazon before - could that mean the website is trying to get rid of stock? Well, the set isn't listed as 'retiring soon' on Lego's website, so presumably this is just a really good deal.

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