Sennheiser TV Clear wireless earbuds are the ultimate anti-social TV accessory

Sennheiser TV Clear earbuds worn by a man, watching TV
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Want to watch TV safe in the knowledge that you're getting a stepped up, personalized, comfortable audio experience all of your own design – and for your ears only – even as other members of your household watch the same show with that basic, one-size-fits-all sound? Read on. 

With Sennheiser TV Clear, you get to enjoy the best TV shows and movies with superior speech clarity plus all the convenience, comfort and inconspicuous style of the best true wireless earbuds

And you don't need a Bluetooth-enabled TV either: these earbuds come with a separate puck-like transmitter (as well as their little charging case) to ensure a low-latency connection for any TV with optical or analogue output. And unlike conventional television solutions, TV Clear can connect via Bluetooth to your laptop, tablet or smartphone simultaneously too – meaning you won't miss a call just because you're watching your favorite show.

The key to Sennheiser's TV Clear is audio customization. You can choose from five (yes, five) speech clarity levels for starters – promising up to 20 dB high-frequency amplification. You can also set your own preferred volume level on the earbuds, independently from that of the television or other audio source when using them with the transmitter, to enjoy undisturbed viewing while others watch at a volume level comfortable for them.  

But it's not all about shutting out the world. TV Clear lets you choose to stay connected to others when desired with an Ambient Awareness mode.

Analysis: a solid step up on past Sennheiser TV-specific headphones

Sennheiser TV Clear earbuds, case and transmitter on white background

The Sennheiser TV Clear earbuds, with their charging case and the transmitter that connects to your TV. (Image credit: Sennheiser)

The 6.9g earbud design of Sennheiser's new TV Clear is nothing short of a revelation in this particular market. A quick glance at the Sennheiser RS 5200, which launched in October 2021, should tell you everything you need to know – stethoscope-style wireless headsets can make your TV sound spectacular, but they do look a bit pinchy and can certainly interfere with hoodie zips. 

This design, however, would not look out of place among some of the best true wireless earbuds contenders out there – plus it comes with a selection of secure-fit ear tips and fins in different sizes to let you sit back, lie down or dance around during your viewing. 

Sennheiser's TV Clear companion app is another bonus, which should mean simple access to advanced features. Sennheiser says that here, the earbuds' touch controls can also be customized according to individual preferences and there's even a Find My Earbuds feature in case one goes down the back of the couch.  

TV Clear's claimed battery life is good too (standing up against some of the best wireless earbuds out there) at 15 hours of listening on a single charge when used with the transmitter, but the charging case boasts a further 22 hours, letting you enjoy up to 37 hours of TV entertainment before the case too will need to be charged up.  

The Sennheiser TV Clear Set (comprising the earbuds, their charging case and the transmitter for your TV) will be available "later this summer" with an MSRP of $400 (which is around £319 or AU$554). 

At that price, you could get a cheap soundbar deal for better money. Then again, that would mean having to talk to fellow viewers about how good it sounds… 

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