Sea of Thieves is a steal right now with 50% off

If you’ve been thinking of pulling the trigger – or perhaps that should be firing the cannon – on purchasing Sea of Thieves, then this 50% off deal might tempt you into taking the plunge.

Yes, the game is currently half-price for those who wish to buy it for the PC (Windows 10) or Xbox One, so instead of walking the plank and splashing out £49.99, you’ll only be down to the (accordion) tune of £24.99 in the UK. In the US, the game has been slashed with a cutlass from $59.99 down to $29.99.

In Australia, the price has dropped from AU$99.95 to AU$49.97.

Sea of Thieves 50% off at Microsoft Store

Sea of Thieves 50% off at Microsoft Store
Take to the seas alone, or preferably with a crew of shipmates, and sail in search of treasure in this online open-world extravaganza which seems to be going from strength to strength of late.

While Sea of Thieves received a somewhat lukewarm reception when it first launched, with much of the criticism focusing on the lack of content in the game, that issue has been slowly sidelined with the emergence of various expansions. We still very much enjoyed our piratical romp in the early days, mind you…

The game is also getting a lot more attention from big-name streamers on the likes of Twitch these days, too, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

Plus some exciting stuff is in the wings, like a new PvP mode – The Arena – which challenges players to collect the most treasure, and that should be out soon.

Note that this deal runs until the end of January, so you’ve got just under a week to benefit from it. Deal expires: 23:59, January 31.

If you buy the game, be sure to check out all our Sea of Thieves tips and tricks.

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