Scorn looks downright gross in this Xbox Series X gameplay reveal

(Image credit: Ebb Software)

We had a feeling that Scorn wouldn’t be for the faint of heart, but it turns out it’s far more disturbing than anyone could have imagined. 

The Xbox Series X console exclusive is inspired by the work of H.R. Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinki, and aims to blend the organic with the mechanical into one awful fleshy concoction. 

Judging by the extensive trailer below, that grim goal has been achieved rather successfully, as we see what appear to be living weapons and countless, sinewy monstrosities roaming the halls. We’re also subjected to some truly skin-crawling sound effects throughout.

It’s clear that Scorn isn’t your typical run and gun shooter, either. The gameplay is considerably slower, even labored at points, as you carefully navigate through a terrifying alien labyrinth, while sticking your fingers, guns and unknown parts of your anatomy into various... things. Combat seems like it should only take place when absolutely necessary, and there are puzzles to overcome to open blocked paths.

Alien territory

While it’s still a mystery as to how the final game will play out, Scorn probably includes the weirdest reloading animations we’ve ever seen in a video game – ones that will be burnt into our retina for many years to come. It’s worth watching the trailer alone just for that. 

Scorn is set to release some time in 2021 and will also make its way to PC. It'll also be part of Xbox Game Pass. For now, you can rewatch the grotesque gameplay trailer as much as you can stomach to keep you... sustained. 

Adam Vjestica

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