Samsung's next cheap tablet could be a pint-sized iPad Mini rival launching soon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (Image credit: Future)

Affordable tablets tend to be smaller devices, and Samsung's upcoming cheap tablet could be no different - shortly after hearing initial news of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, we've now got new information on the mini-tablet.

As spotted by PriceBaba, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has just passed certification through the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). While there isn't really any new information here, it does tell us one thing: the tablet could be very close to launch, as FCC filings only happen in the build-up to a release.

It's worth pointing out, that while this device is definitely an upcoming Galaxy Tab A device, therefore part of Samsung's line of affordable tablets, it's not definitely the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. We think it may be because those previous rumors suggest it's due to launch soon.

A launch date imminent

We've previously heard the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite will have a MediaTek MT8768WT chipset and 3GB RAM, will come running Android 11, and will have a 5,100mAh battery. We've even seen some renders of the thing before, which are backed up by a sketch in the FCC filing.

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The one question mark there is the size - Galaxy Tab A devices are named after their sizes, and a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite having an 8.7-inch screen would be strange.

Either way, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite sounds like a pint-sized tablet that you can use in one hand, and that should be great for people who've been waiting ages for the iPad Mini 6

Judging by series precedent, this Galaxy Tab will likely be weaker and more affordable than the upcoming iPad Mini, but both will closely compete in the 'teensie-tablet' market.

We heard in leaked information that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite will launch alongside the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite in June 2021, so we might have to wait a little longer to check it out.

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