Samsung launches the Notebook 5 and Notebook 3 for "everyday premium" computing

Samsung Notebook 3

Samsung has a couple of new mid-range Windows 10 laptops for your consideration, to sit alongside the Notebook 7 Spin and the Notebook 9 in its portfolio. While they won't break any performance records, they'll see you right for "everyday computing" and "casual gaming", Samsung says.

You can pick up the Notebook 3 with a 14-inch or 15.6-inch screen, while the Notebook 5 sticks with just a 15.6-inch screen. That's with a 720p resolution on the small display and a 1080p on the larger one (the 15.6-inch Notebook 3 lets you choose).

Under the hood you've got your choice of 8th or 7th generation Intel processors – you can go right up to an Intel i7 with discrete Nvidia MX110 or Nvidia MX150 graphics, so it is possible to trick these laptops out to a fairly advanced spec if you want to. As yet the RAM and storage options haven't been announced.

Room for your fingers

Design-wise, Samsung has gone for a familiar, simple but stylish approach. You do get a full-sized keyboard, complete with number pad, on these laptops – so they'd suit someone who has to chew through spreadsheets, type lengthy documents, or do anything else that requires a lot of keyboard work.

If you don't need the latest and greatest specs – particularly in terms of screen resolution – then these laptops should do the job for you. As yet we don't have any details on price though, so it's hard to weigh them up against their rivals.

Samsung says the Notebook 3 and Notebook 5 models are going on sale in South Korea and other "select countries" this month, with wider availability in the second quarter of the year. The Notebook 3 comes in Misty Gray, Night Charcoal, Deep Peach, or Pure White, while the Notebook 5 sticks to Light Titan.

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