Samsung just showed the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra on its own website

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE with stylus
A Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE (Image credit: John Lewis)

There's been a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 leak every single day for a while now, but this latest one can't quite be classified as a 'leak' - that's because it comes from Samsung itself.

As spotted by 91mobiles, if you head on over to Samsung US's support page guide to using Bixby voice wake-up, and scroll down to 'Voice wake-up on multiple devices', you can see the following image:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

(Image credit: Samsung)

You might need to head over to the support page rather than using that little block above, but if you look at the orange picture there, you'll be able to see something that looks suspiciously like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Due to the screen notch, we can tell that's not a different Samsung tablet or device, as they don't have notches like that - nope, it seems like the company has just posted a picture of its upcoming top-end tablet on its website. It's in a stand case, which is why it's at a weird angle.

Leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will get a giant 14-inch screen with a bezel so thin that the front-facing camera has to be housed in a notch instead.

At the time of writing this news story, the image is still live - we can't guarantee Samsung will keep it on its website forever though, so if you've been on the support page and couldn't see it, it's likely Samsung removed the graphic.

The use of this image suggests Samsung could be gearing up to launch its new Galaxy Tab S8 family very soon - we're also expecting the Galaxy S22 to debut in February, so perhaps both could show up at once.

Analysis: Samsung's website is the best leaker

There are loads of tech gadget leakers on the internet, but one of the most reliable for Samsung products must be the company itself. There's a long history of the brand accidentally listing devices on its support websites before they've been launched.

We last saw this with the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, as a month before it launched in early January 2022, it showed up on Samsung UAE's support site. A few weeks later, Samsung Ireland's site listed prices for the device too.

Based on the time frame of those, we'd expect the Galaxy Tab S8 family to be a month or less out - to give Samsung some credit, it rarely leaks its own products too far in advance.

Stay tuned to TechRadar so that when the new Android tablets launch, you can find out all about them.

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