Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 renders reveal upcoming Android tablet from all angles

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 isn't much of an enigma, as we've seen countless leaks regarding the series over the last few months. Some new renders reveal the lowest-end member of the family from all angles, though it's nothing we haven't seen before.

These come from popular leaker Evan Blass, who recently also revealed a poster for Galaxy Unpacked which said it'd fall on February 9 - that's the launch event where we're expecting to see the upcoming Android tablet as well as the Galaxy S22 line.

Blass' Twitter account, where the Galaxy Tab renders were shared, is private, so you can only see them if you follow the account. But if you've seen any previously-leaked imagery for the tablet, including these listings or these renders, you'll know what to expect - and the slates don't seem to be that different from the Tab S7 series anyway.

Like on that older tablet, the Tab S8 has an indent on the back for the S Pen stylus; it also has a USB-C port, four speaker grilles, no 3.5mm headphone jack, two rear cameras, and a front-facing snapper that's on the top when the tablet is landscape.

Three colors of the tablet are shared, so there will likely be a gray, white and pink version, though it's possible there are more shades besides.

Analysis: enough of the hardware

Basically every single Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 leak has surrounded its screen size, the design or its internals. But that's not too important when it comes to tablets.

Based on what we've heard, the tablet doesn't sound too exciting, nor too different from the Tab S7, save for the giant-sounding Ultra member of the line. But there could be more we're not hearing.

Tablets, like all other types of tech, are defined just as much by the software as the hardware though, and right now we haven't heard many software leaks for the upcoming slate.

To know if the Tab S8 is a useful tool or not, we need to hear how it runs, and what improvements it has over its predecessor. We'd like to see new stylus tricks, or improved ways to multi-task, or ways to keep its battery going for long work stints, and so far we don't know much in that regard.

While leakers are focusing on the hardware, it's hard to really get a good picture of the slate from a user perspective, and until new software features are leaked, it'll remain that way.

Alternatively, Galaxy Unpacked is likely only two weeks away, so if leakers won't give us what we need, we might have to wait until Unpacked to see what's up with these new slates.

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