Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could come with a useful freebie

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is sure to be a very expensive phone, but you might get more than just the handset for your money, with a report saying that the upcoming phablet will come with a free case thrown in.

That’s according to ETNews, which says the case will be made of a transparent plastic material, designed to be as thin as possible while covering the back and sides of the Galaxy Note 8.

It sounds like a basic case then, but one which should offer some protection without obscuring your phone or adding too much thickness to it.

Although perhaps not the most exciting freebie and one which many buyers will probably either choose not to use or only use until they can get a better case, it could still be useful, ensuring your phone is protected without you having to spend any extra.

Limited availability

Don’t get too excited though, as the case, which would supposedly be valued at between $17.70-$26.55 (around £14-£20/AU$22-AU$33) apparently won’t be bundled with the Note 8 in the US, Europe or Russia.

So if you’re reading this, chances are that rules you out – though there’s no word on other markets such as Australia.

That’s a shame if true, as with a likely metal and glass build the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will probably be somewhat fragile, but as one of the most high-profile phones of the year there are sure to be plenty of cases for it – you’ll just have to pay for one.

Via GSMArena

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