Samsung Galaxy Note 20, new wearable and more sort of shown in new teaser video

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
The successor to the Note 10 (above) has been teased by Samsung (Image credit: Future)

We were fully expecting Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note 20 at its Unpacked 2020 event on August 5, and now the company has more or less confirmed that we will see the phone there – and also teased four other things that'll get unveiled.

In a new teaser video for the event the silhouettes of five gadgets can be seen, and it’s fairly obvious what they all are.

On the far right of the image - which you can see below - there’s a phone with a stylus, clearly marking it out as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (which is likely to land alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra).

Samsung teaser

(Image credit: Samsung)

Then, to the left of that there’s what could be two angled phones, but it’s more likely one phone with a foldable screen, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 as it’s rumored to be called), which was also expected at the event.

Lots of rumors also point to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 landing there, which is almost certainly what the wearable device to the left of the Galaxy Fold 2 is. Though it’s worth noting that there’s a possibility this will be the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 instead.

Then, to the left of that, there’s what looks suspiciously like a charging case for wireless earphones, which makes sense, since the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are also rumored.

Finally, above the Watch 3 and Buds Live, there’s a rectangular shape that’s probably a tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has been extensively leaked, so that’s probably what this is, and rumors suggest it will land alongside the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

These devices are all things that we’d previously predicted would be announced on August 5, ever since Samsung confirmed that five new gadgets would be revealed. So there aren’t any real surprises here, but you can take this as almost a confirmation.

The video doesn’t reveal anything else, but August 5 isn’t far off now, so all Samsung’s upcoming tech should be unveiled soon. TechRadar will be covering the launch in full, so check back on the day for all the details.

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