Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may offer cheaper variant than the first gen folding phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold
The original Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Future)

Samsung's third folding phone is expected to be the Galaxy Fold 2, and a new report suggests you may be able to get a cheaper variant, as it will apparently come in multiple storage sizes.

According to SamMobile - a Samsung blog that we've seen leak accurate information in the past - the Galaxy Fold 2 will come with a 256GB storage choice.

Alongside that, you'll also apparently be able to buy a 512GB version of the phone. The original Galaxy Fold only came in that 512GB version, so this may allow Samsung to offer a cheaper version.

There's no guarantee it will be cheaper than the original - Samsung may increase the price for other reasons - but it would suggest it's being introduced as an alternative to the top-end storage variant.

The company unveiled the original Galaxy Fold in early 2019, and we've already seen Samsung bring out the Galaxy Z Flip alongside the Galaxy S20 in February this year.

The Galaxy Z Flip had a lower price than the original folding phone from the company, so it may be that Samsung is trying to opt for a lower price for the Galaxy Fold 2 to ensure it stays competitive with the company's other devices.

Little is known for certain about the Galaxy Fold 2, but rumors suggest it will be getting a slightly bigger outer (secondary) display as well as a 7.7-inch inner (main) screen. That's compared to a 7.3-inch inner display that was on the original device.

It's expected to feature a similar camera to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, and it may even come with S Pen functionality.

Rumors suggest Samsung will be introducing the Galaxy Fold 2 alongside the Galaxy Note 20, which itself is expected to be unveiled in August - or perhaps a bit later - this year.

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