Samsung exploring dual-screen circular 'Galaxy Edge' smartwatch

If smartwatch design was like an episode of Xzibit's 'Pimp My Ride', it'd probably end up with something a little bit like this patent from Samsung.

It's heard you like a screen with your smartwatch, so it's wrapped another screen around the main screen in a patent filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, as spotted by Patently Mobile.

Taking its cues from the Samsung Galaxy Edge range, it opts to put an additional screen where the bezel edge normally sits, showing snippets of information including the date, time, weather and playlist details.

Building on the present

Samsung is no stranger to round smartwatches, with its Gear S3 and Frontier editions each sporting the circular displays. But the thought of adding a second, low power display could be a great addition for those looking to eke extra at-a-glance functionality out of a smartwatch.

In addition, it'd fit in nicely with Samsung's Edge smartphone range, while making use of the flexible screen technology already in use in the Gear Fit wearables. 

A 360-bezel screen probably wouldn't be much use though – it's very difficult to create a 360-degree wraparound display, while actually angling your wrist to see the top edge would be uncomfortable. But even a semi-circular screen around the edge, working like a ticker-tape reader, could be useful, and add another reason to jump aboard the wearable wagon.

Gerald Lynch

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