Samsung CEO may have just said the Galaxy S11 is the Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Future)

The last few weeks have seen many rumors of the Galaxy S11, and some suggest it may be called the Galaxy S20 instead; we may have just heard the best evidence yet that the company will in fact rename its flagship series.

According to Korean sources, Samsung's CEO DJ Koh held secret meetings at CES 2020 he introduced the new series of phones as the Galaxy S20 family.

The report claims that Samsung wanted to rename its new series for the next decade (the 2020s) so decided to opt for the Galaxy S20 moniker over the S11 series.

Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra are the rumored names for the devices. There's currently no sign of a Galaxy S20e device though.

CES 2020 is used for a lot of deals behind closed doors, so it make sense that the company's CEO has been holding these meetings quietly ahead of the February 11 launch event.

The Galaxy Fold 2 was allegedly shown off at the event too, but it won't be called that with Samsung opting for the name Galaxy Bloom.

That's the codename we've heard for the device so far, so that may just be a misunderstanding of its actual name, or it may be the company doesn't want to associate this with the original Fold due to design differences.

None of this information has been confirmed directly by Samsung yet, but we hope to learn more in the coming weeks ahead of the February 11 launch date.

Via GSMArena

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