Samsung at CES 2020: we're live to hear the future as Samsung thinks it will be

Samsung CES 2020
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Well, well, well... here we are at CES 2020 and we're waiting for the Samsung press conference to kick off.

What will we see? Samsung has already shown off its 8K, almost bezel-less TV, as well as the new Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite (just before the Galaxy S11 appears in a month) - but there has to be a load of new stuff coming, right?

Well, whatever it is, TechRadar is right here helping you keep up with everything that's happening - and if you want to watch it for yourself and miss our AMAZING WORDS then you can do so right here:

All times below in PT:

19:36 - Well, we didn't get to see much about new products, but now we see what the brand is thinking about for tomorrow - smart cities, 5G, more helpful tech for our lives. If you were hoping to find out more about the 8K TV or smartphones... or even a washing machine... this wasn't the place for it.

19:34 - KIm is still talking about its innovation - the Samsung innovation campus is a place to teach children about how AI works, hackathons and more - it's been used by 20,000 people in the last year, and that number will double in the next year.

19:33 - Now we're seeing IGNIS sound and vision, a lightweight system for firefighters to use. It recognises voice in extreme conditions, and give more information in the visor - and Samsung has donated thousands of cameras to the system over the years.

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19:32 - Seeing more helpful things GEMS can do, working as an exoskeleton and allowing those with mobility impairment to get back on the go.

19:30 - Interestingly, the Samsung Gear VR is being used to talk about AR - is there going to be more of an upgrade to allow it to use the passthrough camera?

We just saw someone with with a visual impairment see themselves in a 'mirror' through the headset.

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19:28 - Through the Samsung Pass, you'll be able to log in securely to websites and apps, protecting your data and privacy with due diligence and until its disposed of, giving you control of your data.

Kim has said has said the Samsung will 'never share data with third parties without consent from you'. 

On device AI, Edge Computing and Blockchain tech will be used to secure things - Samsung has invested in technologies that change lives, and this is a key part of it.

19:27 - HS Kim is coming back on stage to bring this all together. Summarising, if you will: the connected home, a city in harmony - and it being done safely.

He's reiterating how Samsung is commited to data security, saying that will 'never waiver'. Taking Knox from the phone to TVs, home appliances and more.


19:24 - Samsung is investing in mobility as a service - meaning your smartphone can process a single payment to let you use a scooter, a taxi or the underground.

Augmented reality will allow you to see what's happening on the go, where 'friends and family use these devices to quickly wayfind to a party, see dinosaurs in museums roam around in AR, and friends / soon-to-be friends will help you solve a puzzle game'.

Becher is talking in a kind of sing-song way, sounding like she's trying to engender softness and magic in what she's saying.

19:23 - Now we're talking about 5G connectivity in a car to help smart cities. A car will communicate with all your devices to let people know when you're held up - so it can tell you if you're not going to make a meeting.

Passengers can watch video or play high-speed video games on the go too - but the key things is millions of vehicles will be transmitting about what's happening, what danger is coming and avoid collisions too.

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19:20 - The residents are going to have more connection with their buildings, and converging them together - but how is that going to work? They alreayd work in Seoul, South Korea - so today, they can call an elevator, find a parking spot, manage packages, turn off lights with a single tap on a phone.

To manage that, Samsung is partnering with NXP and others, who are working on ultra-wide-band technologies to allow this.

Would it be too much to ask to hear more about how that will work and when it will be here?

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19:17 - Right, we're hearing from Emily Becher, Executive VP of Samsung NEXT International. Let's hope things are more direct.

It's not boding well - she's talking about urban living and how massive growth is coming in these areas. Aaaaand onto smart cities.

We're going to talk about the building blocks of the connected city. Buildings that respond to needs - and they're 'often' much greener. Doing more while producing fewer emissions.

Today's smart buildings have a 'central nervous system' that can use data and smart analytics to notice when things like burst pipes appear. Samsung is partnering with Greystar to build such buildings.

Bob Faith, CEO of Greystar, is talking now. Let's see what's going to happen.

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19:13 - Bixby is going to be the center of the smart kitchen - it'll know how you worked out with GEMS and suggest smart recipes. It'll work with robot chef arms to prepare your food. It means the kitchen 'becomes a partner you actually cook with'.

The same theory is being added to new tech - the intelligent living room. It will do things like let you connect to your loved ones wherever they are, play online games with friends and feel like you're all together.

With 5G-enabled screens, everyone can apparently be in the game. The idea is to bring outside experiences into the home, making the home a more 'living organism'.

Samsung is claiming to bring ground-breaking design and innovation to make this happen. Still nothing properly new, with a release date, been announced.

19:07 - OK, now we're 'Connecting Beyond the Home'. GEMS (Gait Enhancement and Monitoring System) - it's been upgraded. An exoskeleton connected to AR glasses, the Smasunsg Watch, and recognises your fitness needs and optimizes the experience for you, while improving your capabilities.

We've just seen a pretty interesting demo where someone can do a set of exercises and see a virtual assistant telling you what to do in front of them using special AR glasses. 

It was an odd demo, seeing someone talk to a giant cartoon lady in front of them.

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19:05 - The intelligent home will still be 'an intimate and personal space' meaning the products will be tailored for needs, and will reflect our diverse world.

I'll be honest, I'm getting slightly tired of having lots of announcements and no real material changes here. Samsung is saying it's getting more into AI to make us healthy. A ball will follow you around, but it seems like a concept.

And the intelligent home will 'know you, and work around you, and be flexible'. Great, but how are we going to get there? We know that every brand wants to make this personal, but it's not easy AND to stay private too.

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19:03 - Guys, I'm really sorry. But the name of this person on stage just flashed up and down really quickly and I didn't manage to grab it. But it's Federico Casalegno (thanks David Lumb, our mobiles editor sitting next to me) and he's talking about the Intelligent Home.

19:01 - According to Seung, AI is the future of care, with seven articial intelligence centers around the world. This will allow hardware and software will crunch the date on your devices, which will 'protect your privacy and puts you in control' rather than chucking it all up into the cloud.

And now we're back to Ballie - is he creepy?

'We want Ballie to keep our secrets. We want AI... you can trust'.

This is Samsung saying that it promises to keep everything safe... but isn't saying how.

18:57 - Sebastian Seung, Executive VP of Samsung Research is on stage now... and talking in a strange manner. He's explaining how the wearables can monitor your stress, how Samsung Health can monitor your form during yoga or have your TV turned on in the morning to give you heart-pumping music. 

He's saying it like announcing contestants on a talent show though. It's kind of soothing.

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18:55 - Ballie patrols your home to keep you safe. He will tell you when you're being lazy on the sofa. Will call for help if seniors need it, or help them control their smart stuff. He'll record your moments on his camera. Wait... I'm not sure I like the sound of Ballie.

18:54 - We just watched a video of Ballie - there was a dog in his apartment and it made a right old mess with some sweets. Ballie told on the dog and then called the robot vacuum cleaner on him. Ballie is a dick to dogs (even though they were hugging at the end).

18:52 - So Ballie is a small robot with a camera and voice recognition, that follows you creepily around the house and makes cute sounds. He has a green light. This light would look really evil if it went red. FACT.

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18:50 - Guys, we've gone straight in with the big stuff - Samsung has invented a ball! 

OK, it's a robot (that's still a ball). It follows you around the house, the just-bigger-than-a-tennis-ball ball. It's rolling around the stage following HS Kim - who is seemingly slightly confused by the little guy.

He just broke into a little run to see if Ballie followed... and he sort of did. 

He just said 'come here, Ballie, and it did. That was fun. He picked it up.

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18:46 - Sorry if you were waiting for more information on what's going on with Samsung - we had a mild technical glitch that's now been solved.

Luckily you've missed nothing except the keynote from HS Kim, the CEO of Samsung Consumer Electronics in North America talking about the journey, something about cats and me.

Not me, you see. Him. Well, not him. People generally. On a journey. Or something. Look, I was trying to fix a live blog, OK?

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18:33 - Right - Gary Shapiro is on stage talking about what Samsung are going to be talking today. He's wearing a powerful suit and he's talking powerfully. There's a lot of power on show here. 

Talking about how Samsung has been the number one player in the TV space in the US for 14 years straight. 

Shapiro is powerfully talking about the industry. Man, so much power going on. 

Oh good, we're into another video now.

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18:30 - Welcome, welcome, welcome - we're kicking off now - get ready for a world of Samsung things to be happening into your brain.

We're watching a video about what an amazing thing that CES 2020 is - about things that are meaningful and different. 'Tech that allows us to connect and explore and play in ways we can see and ways we haven't begun to imagine'.

Sometimes, things are just words, aren't they?

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