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Report says Microsoft is building a new app store for Windows 10

Windows 10 new icons
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Microsoft is said to be planning a refurbished app store for Windows 10. 

According to Windows Central (opens in new tab), which is a respected and reliable source for developments in Microsoft, the new store would have a redesign, and will sport many developer-friendly features.

Microsoft wants to make it easy for developers to submit any application to the store, including browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Among the changes on cards is allowing developers to use their own payments system for in-app purchases or a third-party one. This means the company wouldn’t take a cut of those sales, which is not common in the industry now.

This would be a shift from the current ways in which developers package their win32 apps as an MSIX and use Microsoft’s own update mechanisms and commerce platforms.

Slicker animations, stylized layouts

The new store is expected to offer a more stable experience for downloading and installing large apps and games. The new store is said to be part of Microsoft’s big “Sun Valley” rework to Windows later this year.

"Microsoft wants to position the Store as an open platform that allows for the best apps on Windows to be easily discovered by users. Apps that were turned away in the past for using their own update or in-app purchasing systems will now be allowed. These changes should allow apps like Google Chrome or Adobe Creative Cloud to be discoverable in the Store, though time will tell if these developers actually come," Windows Central said in its report.

Microsoft may bring its own apps, like Edge, Office and Teams, to the store as well.

In terms of looks, there is a re-design with slicker animations, revamped layouts, WinUI designs and fresh iconography. There will be monthly updates for the store with new features and improvements. 

The refurbished Microsoft Store may be seen at Build 2021, which will happen in May.

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