Realme Laptop design leaked ahead of launch

Realme laptop
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Tech manufacture Realme is set to add another device category to its portfolio which  is a new laptop that was teased recently by its India CEO. And now new leaks seem to have given us a look at what the new laptop which is apparently called 'Realme Book'  might be like.

The new leak comes from Android Authority which gives a better look of the design and build of the Realme Book. These leaks also include the name of the tablet that Relame is set to release which will apparently be called 'Realme Pad'.

Realme Book: Leaked details

The Relame Book has a look that is similar to that of an Apple MacBook. With the tease of the laptop in an envelop, the CEO confirmed that we are looking at a laptop launch because this is a trend that is running since the launch of the MacBook Air back in 2008. 

The photos from report seem to show that the Realme Book will come with an aluminum body and thin bezels. The bottom of the laptop seems to show dual speaker grilles which means it will feature stereo speakers. The Realme Book is expected to run on Windows and with Realme's history, we can expect it to be priced competitively. 

The report mentions that the laptop is set to feature a 3:2 aspect ratio screen. While this is a departure from the screens on the other laptops out there now, Realme could be planning to bring this as a specific feature with the Realme Book. The laptop is expected to launch with a USC-C port as well. 

Realme Pad: Leaked details

Realme Pad leaked photo

(Image credit: Android Authority)

While there is nothing solid in terms of information about the Realme Pad besides the name. But the image seems to hint that the launch of the tablet might happen during the Realme GT 5G global launch next week.

The corner of the Realme Pad can be seen in the image which shows of a squared off design that is reminiscent of the Apple iPads. It could also come with a pair of cameras on the back. 


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